There are many options when it comes to designing a product for our clients.  

We've narrowed these options into several categories to help make the process easier for our clients.  

You can be assured that the utmost care and craftsmanship go into designing and building each and every product.  Our goal is to provide you a high quality casket, made right here in Southern Oregon.

Quality, Hand-Crafted Caskets

Additional Options


Do you have an idea for a unique customization?​

Let us know and we will discuss the options available to help make your vision a reality.


"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living"
Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro
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The Simple Pine Casket

This casket offers a handmade, solid pine casket with a natural oil finish. Each quality casket features recessed hinges and a recessed lid.

The Western Casket

Our custom option, this casket allows you to truly celebrate life with personalized and custom options. Available customization ranges from custom wood accents to unique metal and leather accessories.

Custom Upholstery 

An option available for "The Western", custom upholster allows you the opportunity to pick and chose the style to suit your liking.


Wood Accents

This option allows you to add unique style and beauty to any casket, available on "The Western" model caskets.

Metal Accents

Another unique set of options that can be added to "The Western" is metal accents and personalized messages.

Leather Accessories

Leather additions to "The Western" add creative touches that celebrate life by adding dignified beauty to a casket.